Shower Glass Partition

Shower Glass Partition Dubai

Are you looking for bathroom remodeling? Do you want to save the rest of your bathroom from water splashes? Then shower glass partition is the perfect solution. We are offering services of Shower Glass Partition Dubai. We have been serving in this industry for several years. Our professional team is an expert in fixing and installing all types of Shower Enclosures Dubai-UAE.

Bathroom Glass Partition

Shower Glass Partition in Dubai is mostly used for two main purposes. Firstly, confine the water inside the wet area and keep the rest of the bathroom dry. Shower Partition keeps your bathroom clean and germ-free. As the wet area is separated there are fewer chances of slipping in the bathroom. Secondly, Shower Enclosure makes your bathroom spacious and more functional. It gives your bathroom a new and modern look.

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How To Choose Dubai Shower Enclosure?

Are you thinking about what type of Shower Glass Partition is suitable for your bathroom? What is the cost of Shower Enclosure in Dubai? Choosing the correct Shower Enclosures, Doors, and trays for your bathroom makes your bath more refreshing than before. Let’s explore different styles of Dubai Shower Enclosures. Commonly used enclosures are:

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Quadrant
  • Shower Trays
  • Bath Screen

Difference between a Shower Enclosure and Shower Glass Panel Dubai

As we are the leading and professional Dubai Shower Glass Partition work company we guide our clients with the best suggestions and advice on which one suits their bathroom according to space and budget. Bath Screens or Shower Glass Panels are designed in such a way that they protect your bathroom from splashes of water coming out of the tub whereas a Shower Enclosure totally separates your bathing area from the rest of the bathroom.

Shower Glass Partition Dubai

If the Shower Enclosure or Bathroom Glass Partition is not installed by a professional team it doesn’t look nice and graceful. Shower Enclosure is installed with railings fixed to ceilings or walls. A team of professional Glass Fixing Experts is required. Our company has accomplished a number of projects of Shower Glass Partition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Call us and hire us for your bathroom remodeling.

Types of Shower Enclosure Doors

When it comes to Dubai Shower Enclosures you have many options. Besides the Shower Partition you also have to choose the right kind Shower Enclosure Doors.

  • Sliding Shower Doors move from side to side
  • Swing Doors swing on hinges

Shower Enclosure with Sliding Doors is perfect for small-size bathrooms as they occupy less space but their maintenance and cleanliness is a bit difficult. Swing doors are ideal for large bathrooms. Another drawback of swing doors is if the hinge gets rust, then water may come out of the enclosure. Another option that you opt for with Door is:

  • Frameless Doors
  • Aluminum Framed Doors

Frameless Doors are costly but give your bathroom a more elegant and aesthetic look. The thickness of the frameless Shower Door Glass is 3/8 inches and ½ inches. Framed Doors are Cheap and their installation is also easy. Whether you want to install a frameless door or a framed shower door get our services for Shower Glass Partition in Dubai.

Supply Glass for Shower Enclosure in Dubai

Multiple variations of Glass for partition are available in Dubai- UAE. We are Glass Specialists and we recommend to our clients the most suitable Glass for their bathroom Glass partition and doors. Extra Clear Glass, textured, frosted glass, Smart Glass, etc. are used for doors and partitions. Along with fixing Glass partitions With Doors we also supply all kinds of glass to our clients. Give us a call and we supply you best Dubai Shower Glass Partition. We are offering services at a very affordable price without compromising on quality.

Customer’s Guide to Buy Shower Enclosure Dubai

  • Keep in mind the space of your bathroom before buying shower enclosure.
  • The location of your shower enclosure is also a major factor in selecting a shower enclosure.
  • If you want privacy then choose a textured glass shower enclosure.
  • Shower trays are also recommended for long-lasting shower enclosure.


What else do we need to buy with a shower enclosure?
You should also buy Shower Wall panels and shower Tray for long-lasting shower enclosures.
Which type of enclosure is suitable for a corner in a bathroom?
Quadrant corner Shower Enclosures are suitable to fit into any corner of your bathroom. They are also cheap models.
Is Dragon Mart Shower Screen available?
You can check the list of accessories available on Dragon Mart on their website.


In this article, we give you all the details about Shower Glass Partition -Dubai. We are rendering the services of installation of Bathroom Glass Partition with doors. Fixation, Installation, and supply we are the best in all regards. if you have any queries related to Shower Enclosure, call us. We are 24/7 available on our number to serve you.

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