Curtain Wall in Dubai

Curtain Wall Dubai

Aluminium Curtain Walling is a unique art in the construction industry. Curtain Walls in Dubai are the perfect solution to the adverse climate. Curtain Wall Dubai not only gives an aesthetic look to residential and commercial properties but also provides extra insulation and weather shield. Briefly Curtain Walls are made of glass or UPVC panels that are installed at the exterior parts of the building through different adhesive materials or techniques. Let’s find out the benefits of Dubai Curtain Wall.

  • Curtain Wall Window brings the natural light inside the building.
  • Curtain Wall provides insulation keeping the heat and air inside.
  • In case of fire Curtain Walls reduce its disasters by slowing down the spread of fire between floors of a building.

Material used for Curtain Wall in Dubai

In countries like UAE, the curtain walls are customized with aluminium frame which is combined with materials like glass, and stone veneer. Curtain Wall has two basic components i.e., frame and glass. These two components are customized according to the demand and requirement of the client.

Curtain Wall Dubai

Types of Curtain Walls in Dubai

Curtain Walls Dubai is offered in three basic systems:

  • Face sealed
  • Water managed
  • Pressure equalized

Customization of Curtain Wall Dubai

There are many Curtain Wall Companies in UAE but we are the most trustworthy because we have efficient and trained staff. Our staff understands the client’s Curtain Wall Description. Our Customized Curtain Wall in Dubai fully meets the Standards of our client’s requirements.


We also stand ahead of other Curtain Wall Companies in the UAE due to our budget-friendly cost. Our team takes proper measurements of Curtain Wall Dimensions which cuts off extra costs. Our commitment is quality work and client satisfaction is our priority. We also completed our task in the committed time frame.

So, if you want Curtain Walling in Dubai and looking for a credible company, then what are you waiting for? Turn on your location and search curtain wall near me on Google. If you have any queries about Curtain Wall Dubai, then call us. Our customer care services are 24/7 available. If you want to know Curtain Wall Dubai Cost you can also get free quotes from us.


Curtain Walls beneficial for residential buildings also?
Yes, Curtain Wall is equally beneficial for residential and commercial buildings. It enables you to benefit from daylight without gaining solar heat.
What type of glass is used for Curtain Wall Dubai?
Low E-glass is mainly used in Curtain Wall as it saves energy and provides good insulation. Moreover, UV-coated glass is also used and it efficiently reduces bird strikes and is eco-friendly.
What is the Curtain Wall Dubai Price?
Curtain Wall Dubai Cost depends upon the size of the wall and the type of curtain walling. If you want to install a Curtain Wall Window, then its price is less than the whole wall panel.

Final Verdict

In this article, the benefits of Curtain Wall are Explained fully for your convenience. If you want to renovate and decorate your properties with Curtain Walls do not hesitate. Let’s modify old walls with our tailor-made Glass Curtain Wall Dubai.

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