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Glass and Aluminum Services

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Welcome to Glass Work in Dubai. We provide all types of glass services in Dubai including maintenance and installation. In this article, we’ll discuss our services in detail, so let’s start without wasting any time.

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We are providing the following services.

Aluminium Works Dubai

We provide the best aluminium work at affordable prices. It ensures 100% privacy with artistic designs. Here are the services:

  • Aluminium Doors
  • Aluminium Panel and Glass Door
  • Window and Fix Panel Installation
  • Aluminium Window
  • Aluminum Louvers

There are many companies providing glass work but we have a team of experts. We provide quality work with client satisfaction. Here are the services:

  • Ship and Boat Glass Work
  • Glass Interior Designing
  • Frosting or Sandblast Glass Design
  • Lamination with bent or Curved Glass
  • Back Painted and Splash Glass
  • Folding and Sliding Glass Door
  • Glass Top and Round Glass Lamination

Aluminium Maintenance Work

We provide aluminium repair, maintenance, and installation work. If you’re facing aluminium bend issue, you don’t need to worry we can fix them. Here are the more services:

  • Aluminium Windows Maintenance
  • Aluminium Doors Maintenance
  • Fixing of Shop Door Fronts
  • Aluminium Sliding Door Repair

Glass Maintenance Work

We provide glass services to your home, office, or any place. You can hire us for glass pasting, refilling with silicon, and door machine replacement. Here are the more services:

  • Glass Fixing with UV Glue and Metal
  • Office Door Maintenance
  • Laminated Glass Replacement Services
  • Glass Replacement in Dubai
  • Top and Bottom Patch Fitting Replacement
  • Broken Swing Window Glass Replacement
  • Tinted Tempered Glass Replacement
  • Glass Door Lock Repair
  • Broken Glass Replacement for Sliding Door
  • Balcony Glass Replacement

Office Glass Partitions And Doors

You can hire us for your office glass partitions and doors. We have a team of well-experienced people with 24/7 customer support. Here are the services:

  • 4cm Office Glass Partition
  • Full Height Office Glass Partition in Dubai
  • 3cm Aluminium Office Glass Partition
  • Low-Height Office Glass Partition in Dubai
  • Aluminium Office Glass Partition
  • Framed Glass Partition in Dubai
  • Rose Gold Office Glass Partition
  • Frameless Office Partition
  • Glass Partition in Blank Color Finishing
  • Office Glass Partition
  • Receptions Glass Divider
  • Office Glass Cabins
  • Smart Glass Services
  • Office Glass Divider

Mirror Work In Dubai

If you’re looking for mirror work in Dubai, you’ve reached the right place. We provide all kinds of mirror work services in UAE. Here are the services:

  • Mirror Glass Installation
  • Full-Length Mirror in Dubai
  • Mirror Replacement

Table Top Replacement

Our company also offers tabletop replacement services. We have round, rectangular square & oval shape table top delivery. Moreover, we provide:

  • Table Top Glass Supply
  • Study Reading Table
  • Coffee Table Top Tempered Glass
  • Office Table Top Glass for Meeting
  • Computer Table Top Tempered Glass

Shower Screen And Enclosure

Shower Screens and enclosures are used in the bathroom to avoid unnecessary water spreading. We provide the best quality and thick tempered glass suitable for the bathroom. Here are the more services:

  • Smart Glass for Shower
  • Sliding & Swing Shower Enclosure
  • Corner Shower Installation
  • Frameless Shower Screen for Bathtub
  • Frameless Shower Doors
  • Shower Glass Partition
  • Frameless Shower Enclosure / Frameless Shower Enclosure Installation
  • Shower Screen Installation

Gypsum Wall Partition

We also provide services for gypsum wall partitions. The purpose of gypsum walls is to build internal walls. It also includes:

  • Office Paint Finishes
  • Full Height Office Gypsum Partition in Dubai
  • Office Gypsum Cabins
  • Low-height Office Gypsum Partition in Dubai
  • Receptions Glass Divider
  • Office Gypsum Divider Services

Double Glazed Glass Installation

You can hire us for Double Glazed Glass Installation. You can visit our website and check our work. Discuss your requirements and get an affordable package. It also includes:

  • Double Glazed Glass Door
  • Structural Glazing

Wall Mirrors Installation

Our company provides the best wall mirror installation services. We made custom wall mirror designs. It also includes:

  • Beveled Mirrors Installation / Beveled Mirror in Dubai
  • Gym Mirror
  • Gym Mirrors Sheets

PVC Work

If you’re looking for PVC Work, you can hire us. It includes

  • PVC Doors
  • PVC Windows

Flooring Installation

Get our services for flooring installation. It includes:

  • Carpet Installation in Dubai
  • PVC Vinyl Flooring
  • Carpet Flooring
  • Wooden Flooring


You can get your desired services, and book your slot at a cheap price. If you’ve any queries, contact us.

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